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Kulim old bell tower

Nickname(s): Kulim Hi-Tech City
Kulim is located in Malaysia
Location in Malaysia
Coordinates: 5°21′36″N 100°32′59″E / 5.36°N 100.54972°E / 5.36; 100.54972
Country Malaysia
State Kedah
Establishment 1950
Granted city status 2003
- Tuan Yang DiPertua MPKK Tn. Abdul Aziz Bin Haji Abdul Ghani AMK, BCK
Population (2009)
- Total 300,000
- Density 590/km2 (1,528.1/sq mi)
Time zone MST (UTC+8)
- Summer (DST) Not observed (UTC)
Postal code 09xxx
International dialling code prefix +6044 (landline only)
Kulim Landmark Centre (Giant Hypermarket)
The Store Supermarket at Kulim
Minat Supermarket at Kulim
BIG Cinemas Lotus Five Star (Kulim)
Kulim Town
Kulim Town
Kulim Town at Night
Kulim Town at Night
(CW Snooker Centre)Kapitol Kulim
Taman Selasih
Stadium Mini at Kulim
Tunku Putra Lake at Kulim
Kulim Football Field
Kulim Catholic Church
Hotel Seri Malaysia at Kulim
Noodle Station
GazZo Internet Cafe
South Kedah Chinese Recreation Club (CRC)
Kulim Club
Intel Corporation at Kulim
Infineon Technologies (Kulim) Sdn. Bhd. at Kulim
First Solar, Inc. at Kulim

Kulim is a major town and district in Kedah is located at the South East of Kedah state, in Malaysia. It is one and only one city near by Penang state. Kulim, as a district consist of 15 smaller sub-districts also known as "mukim".

* 1 Kulim’s Origins
* 2 Kulim’s History
* 3 City Centre
* 4 Kulim’s suburbs
o 4.1 List of Suburbs
* 5 List of Bank
* 6 List of Hotel & Motel
* 7 List of Resorts
* 8 List of Supermarket, Hypermarket & Shopping Mall
* 9 List of Entertainment
o 9.1 Cinemas
o 9.2 Internet Cafe
o 9.3 Bowling
o 9.4 Video Games
o 9.5 Karaoke
* 10 List of Shops and Convenient Shops
* 11 List of Franchise Restaurants
* 12 List of Restorants
* 13 List of Educations
* 14 Industrial
* 15 Interesting Places in Kulim District
o 15.1 Kulim Landmark Centre (Giant Hypermarket)
o 15.2 BIG Cinemas Lotus Five Star
o 15.3 GazZo Internet Cafe
o 15.4 CYC Mega Leisure World
o 15.5 OLE Superbowl
o 15.6 Inter Box Karaoke
o 15.7 Kulim Hi-tech Park
o 15.8 Junjung Waterfalls Recreation
o 15.9 Sungai Sedim Recreation
o 15.10 Mount Bungsu
o 15.11 Pahau
o 15.12 Ulu Paip Recreation
o 15.13 Tree Top Walk
o 15.14 Peak of Mount Bintang
o 15.15 Kulim Lake Garden(Tunku Putra Lake)
o 15.16 Kulim Golf and Country Resort
o 15.17 Chinese Recreation Club (CRC)
o 15.18 Padang Serai Sunday Town
o 15.19 ‘Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar’ Restaurant
o 15.20 Kulim Pokok Manggis Restaurant
o 15.21 Kulim Nasi Kandar Pelita Restaurant
o 15.22 Sri Malaysia Hotel
o 15.23 Kulim Inn Hotel
* 16 References
* 17 External links

[edit] Kulim’s Origins

* The Kulim we know today was started and inhabited in mid 18th century, by Malays from the region of Pattani (Siam, now Thailand). The name for the town, ‘Kulim’ was derived from trees that was ubiquitous in that region (scientific name: Scorocarpus Borneensis Becc)

* The Kulim Tree is a plant that is present in Malaysian and other ASEAN rainforests. The botanical name is Scorodocarpus borneensis and the fruits are used for cooking by the indigenous people of Tapah (Perak). The fruits are borne sometime in mid July-August (same time as Durian seasons). In 1997 it was estimated that the market price of a cubic meter of kulim wood reached RM270.

[edit] Kulim’s History

* Kulim as a town was started in mid 18th century by 100 Malays from Pattani. By mid 19th century Kulim experienced a boom due to the discovery of tin ore. By 1890, there were 400 Chinese miners operating in Kulim. One of Kulim’s earliest settlements was a place called Belakang Tebok.

* The biggest tin mining facilities in kulim were Taman Tunku Putra, Kg. Bukit Besar, Karangan, Terap and Kelang Lama. Archived records show that by 1854 there were 8 tin mining companies that were active in Kulim with a total workforce of 1500 people.

* In 1888 there was a major incident in Kulim, dubbed ‘Beautiful Nyonya War’ (Perang Nyonya Cantik) or Kulim War (Perang Kulim). This incident started when the mining chiefs of Kulim fought over a popular Chinese lady of the time. The chiefs mobilized their respective workers in this seemingly minor squabble escalated into a major riot. Peace and tranquility enjoyed by the people of Kulim was disrupted by this incident and it dragged on for a number of years, and claimed a number of lives of the involved parties.

* The direct consequences of this incident was the hiring of a British national (B.E. Mitchell) as the chief of police of Kulim (1890) by the ruler of Kedah, and the worsening economic problem of the state. The Bangkok treaty, ratified in 1909, ceded Siam’s influence in Kedah to the British, however, only by 1923 did Sultan Abdul Hamid of Kedah sign a treaty which recognizes Kedah as a state under British protectorate.

* The name Kulim was derived from a tree that was prevalent in the area. It is believed that the tin miners from Perak ( Larut, Matang, Taiping and Selama), where the people who started kulim as a town. The miners were looking for a new place to start as they did not want to be embroiled in the triad conflict that is constantly under the surface in the aforementioned areas in Perak (Ghee Hin and Hai San, the most active Triad during those times).

* These miners escaped from Perak through the jungles of Kulim to head to Penang (Penang was a busy English port by then), but during their journey through the forest they discovered tin in the rivers and quarries. This prompted their decision to settle in Kulim and mine the ores there, without the interference of the triads elsewhere.

* A few of the classical monuments still existing in kulim includes coronation cinema, St. Patrick’s High School (1933), which was converted into a trade building, Sultan Badlishah High School (1948), Kulim Police Station and so on.

* Meanwhile the Kulim’s independence clock was officiated by the Sultan of Kedah (15 September 1957) and serves as the unofficial landmark for the city of Kulim. The cornerstone of the clock was acquired by YPM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj (the First Prime Minister if Malaya, later Malaysia) on 14th june 1957.

* The construction of the clock was completed within 3 months and upon completion, was made formalized by DYMM Tuanku Sultan Badlishah Ibni Almarhum Yang Di Pertuan Paduka Seri Sultan Abdul Hamid Shah, KOM, CMG, KBE Sultan Kedah on 15th September 1957, or 2 weeks after the declaration of independence of Malaysia (31st August 1957)[1].

* A committee was established to ensure the completion of the independence clock consisting of:-

Tuan Syed Osman Syed Mohammad Idid - Pengerusi (Pegawai Daerah Kulim / YDP Majlis Bandaran Kulim)
En Mohammad Shakaff b Hussin - Bendahari
En. mansur Hj Ahmad - Setiausaha
Ketua Polis Kulim
En B. G. Philips, JP
En. Chew Chin Hooi, JP
En. Soon Cheng MEng, JP
En. M.Y.Samsudin, JP
En. Khor Seng Guan
En. Moey Chong Yen
En. R. Themuligan

* The total cost of the independence clock was paid for by the residents of Kulim (records show that RM40000 was raised) as a testament of the success of the country to gain independence from the British. The independence cock was and still is the pride of the people of Kulim. It was recently renovated to include a small fountain system.

* Kulim is situated on the southeast of Kedah, bordering Penang on the west. Kulim evolved from a small settlement in the 50s to a successful city which is the focus of many industrial complex. The house of representative of Kulim is near Kulim’s parliament (Bandar baharu). The establishment of Kulim Hi-tech park is hoped to be a catalyst for the continued growth of Kulim.

* Kulim to have light rail(LRT) system and airport by 2020, Kulim is poised to be a Smart City by 2020 complete with a Light Rail Transit (LRT) system and a regional airport. The proposals for such mega projects are included in the Kulim Local Plan draft dubbed Kulim 2020, drawn up by the Town and Country Planning Department.The proposed LRT system from Bertam in North Seberang Prai to Kulim Hi-Tech Park in Kedah through Padang Serai will complement the development of Penang's integrated transport network, said development planning unit 1 project manager Mohd Sharif Che Din. A regional airport for light and medium aircraft has been proposed in Padang Meha, he said. “The proposed airport will not create air traffic conflict because it is located 50km away from the Penang International Airport in Bayan Lepas and 100km away from the Sultan Abdul Halim Airport in Alor Star.“It will cater for private jets, community airline services such as Malaysia Airlines' FireFly and medium-sized cargo planes,” he said.Other proposed mega projects to boost development in Kulim include the Central Spine Highway, South Kedah Highway (LEKAS), a spacious 112.22ha container depot in Padang Meha and an extended railway system linking Penang to Kulim.The Central Spine Highway is part of the Kedah Structure Plan to construct an alternative central highway stretching from Jitra in the north to Bandar Baru in the south.LEKAS will link the eastern part of Kulim to Selama in Perak through Mahang and Baling[2].

[edit] City Centre

Kulim still maintains shop houses that were around since before the second world war. Unfortunately, many of these houses were demolished to make way for newer structures of development. The independence clock serves as the city’s landmark, and is one of the old structures that remain in place. Kulim is 26706 hectares in size.
[edit] Kulim’s suburbs

Kulim is home to many recently opened suburbs. One of the biggest suburbs is Taman Selasih, complete with its own commercial centre.
[edit] List of Suburbs

* Taman Sungai Kob
* Taman Mutiara, Sg.Kob
* Taman Keranji
* Bukit Kulim
* Kampung Air Merah
* Kampung Darul Aman
* Kampung Syed Syeh
* Kampung Tunku Putra
* Keladi
* Kelang Lama
* Taman Senangin
* Taman Bersatu
* Taman Dahlia
* Taman Kempas Indah(Kulim Auto City)
* Taman Kempas 2(Kulim Auto City)
* Taman Kempas 3(Kulim Auto City)
* Taman Desa Impian
* Taman Kemuning
* Taman Selasih
* Taman Semarak
* Taman Seroja
* Taman Tunku putra
* Taman Sri Kulim
* Taman Cempaka
* Taman Jati

[edit] List of Bank

* Bank Islam - Kelang Lama
* Bank Muamalat - Kelang Lama
* Hong Leong Bank - Kulim
* Maybank - Kulim & KTC Park
* Public Bank - Kulim
* RHB Bank - Near Kulim Landmark Centre
* CIMB - Kulim
* Eon Bank-Near Kulim Landmark Centre
* Bank Rakyat - Near SMK Kulim
* Agrobank-Kulim

[edit] List of Hotel & Motel

* Hotel Sri Malaysia
* Radius International Hotel-under construction
* Motel Poonsoon Green Park
* Lily Motel

[edit] List of Resorts

* Kulim Golf & Country Resort
* Chinese Recreation Club (CRC)
* Kulim Club

[edit] List of Supermarket, Hypermarket & Shopping Mall

* Giant Kulim Landmark Centre-1st Shopping Mall in Kulim
* Tesco Hypermarket Kulim-Under construction[3].
* Big 10
* Minat Supermarket
* The Store
* Happy Home
* Pasaraya Long Wan
* Pasaraya Zon Ria

[edit] List of Entertainment
[edit] Cinemas

* BIG Cinemas Lotus Five Star (Kulim)-In Kulim Landmark Centre

[edit] Internet Cafe

* GazZo Computer Centre (Licensed Internet Cafe)-at Taman Semarak

[edit] Bowling

* OLE Superbowl-In Kulim Landmark Centre

[edit] Video Games

* CYC Mega Leisure World-In Kulim Landmark Centre

[edit] Karaoke

* Inter Box Karaoke-In Kulim Landmark Centre

[edit] List of Shops and Convenient Shops

* Sunshine Bakery and Ingredients Supply (Food & Beverage Ingredients and Food Machinery Supplier)
* Seven Eleven-Kedai 24 Jam (at Kulim City & Selasih City)
* Kulim Typewriter
* SEC (Star Electronic Centre)
* Cosway
* Raisya Q Beauty.Spa.Salon- (nearby Old Town at Kulim Hi-Tech)

[edit] List of Franchise Restaurants

* Kedai Ayamas - di Taman Selasih
* Kentucky Fried Chicken - at Kulim City & Selasih City.
* Pizza Hut-at Kulim Landmark Centre & Kulim Town
* Sushi King-at Kulim Landmark Centre.
* Old Town Kopitiam-at Kulim Hi-Tech Park
* Secret Recipe
* Hussain Nasi Kandar-at Kulim Landmark Centre
* Noodle Station-at Kulim Landmark Centre
* Kapitan Kopitiam-at Kulim Landmark Centre

[edit] List of Restorants

* Koffee Hut (Coffee Cafe)-Taman Lembah Impiana
* 83C Kafe-Taman Lembah Impiana
* Honey Bakery and Cafe
* Rashidah Bakery and Cafe
* NurHas Rest-at Kilang Lama
* Nasmir Nasi Kandar-Taman Semarak
* Zhong Wan Master Choo Kitchen-at Kulim Landmark Centre
* Jom Pizza-Taman Kempas 3.

[edit] List of Educations

* Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah ( )
* Universiti Kuala Lumpur
* Kolej Komuniti Kulim
* Kolej MARA Kulim
* Maktab Rendah Sains MARA (PDRM)
* Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan St Anne's Convent Kulim
* Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kulim
* Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Selasih
* Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Air Merah
* Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Kenari
* Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Junjong
* Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Jelutong
* Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Hi-Tech
* Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Keladi
* Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Badlishah
* Sekolah Menengah Teknik Kulim
* Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Kulim
* Sekolah Kebangsaan Kulim
* Sekolah Kebangsaan Air Merah
* Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Kenari
* Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Jelutong
* Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Hi-Tech
* Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (Tamil) Kulim
* Sekolah Menengan Jenis Kebangsaan Chio Min
* Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Chong Cheng
* Sekolah Kebangsaan St.Anne's Convent, Kulim

[edit] Industrial

The development of Kulim Hi-Tech Park (KHTP) which is global and export-oriented is the catalyst for the growth of downstream industry cluster in south Kedah. With the development of phase two of the MSC connecting Georgetown, Bertam and KHTP, potentials of development as the science and cyber city would spur on the development of other downstream industries in Kulim. Infrastructural development like the East-West Highway (BKE) that connects areas like the Penang port as well as KHTP infrastructures would further enhance the development of industries in Kulim. Industrial development beyond KHTP does not reflect a convincing growth. Issues like lack of control on industrial buildings thereby resulting in abandoned projects has incurred losses for the Local Authorities (LAs), particularly in terms of land revenue collections.

By year 2020, additional floor space of 938,314 square metres must be provided for industries to accommodate the increase in industrial workforce. This would need a site measuring 93.82 hectares to accommodate industrial activities at the Local Plan Area (LPA) of Kulim. However, upon taking into consideration of the development of committed industries, the acreage of industrial land that had to be provided till 2020 was 31.22 hectares only.

Kulim is still in need of a more complete and state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure to draw investors, especially in the field of ICT and high technology R&D.
[edit] Interesting Places in Kulim District
[edit] Kulim Landmark Centre (Giant Hypermarket)

Located 4 kilometres from Kulim Town. It is the first shopping mall in Kulim, Kedah.
[edit] BIG Cinemas Lotus Five Star

Located in Kulim Landmark Centre. BIG Cinemas Lotus Five Star has brought the ultimate cinematic experience to movie goers following the launching of its six-screen multiplex, the first in Kulim and the largest in Kedah.
[edit] GazZo Internet Cafe

Located at Taman Semarak (behind Comel Pet Shop & Sunshine Bakery and Ingredients Supply). GazZo Internet Cafe is a licensed internet cafe, provide excellent internet connection, high-end computer & gaming station for internet user & gamer, the environment of GazZo Internet Cafe clean & clear, the illegal activity such as gambling are strictly prohibited in GazZo Internet Cafe.
[edit] CYC Mega Leisure World

Located in Kulim Landmark Centre. CYC Mega Leisure World is a licensed video games center in Kulim.
[edit] OLE Superbowl

Located in Kulim Landmark Centre. OLE Superbowl is a bowling center in Kulim.
[edit] Inter Box Karaoke

Located in Kulim Landmark Centre. Inter Box Karaoke is a karaoke in Kulim.
[edit] Kulim Hi-tech Park

Located 8 kilometres from Kulim Town. It is the first integrated Hi-tech Park in Malaysia. The main activities at this park are jogging and cycling whilst enjoying the breathtaking wonders of the landscape. There are also facilities like pedestrian walks, gazebos, benches and children’s playground.
[edit] Junjung Waterfalls Recreation

Located in Junjung and is about 14 kilometres from Kulim Town. Ever since 1980s, this destination has been a great tourist attraction with its main product being the waterfalls and ecosystem surroundings of the forest, rubber plantation as well as fruit orchards. During fruit seasons, especially the durian season, visitors can buy the fruits directly from the orchard owners. The main activities or program to be enjoyed here include picnicking, dipping, swimming and camping.
[edit] Sungai Sedim Recreation

Sungai Sedim with its fast currents and rapids along with a forest ecosystem is the best place for exciting recrteational activities. The main activities here include kayaking or White Water Rafting for a distance of 15 kilometres. This destination is among the 5 best destinations in for such activities. Besides, it is also a favourite for picnicking, dipping, swimming and camping at designated places apart from organizing of courses or workshops for self improvement and groups. This destination is known as the Camp Site of the Kedah Royalty. This destination is located between the District of Kulim and Baling.
[edit] Mount Bungsu

This is found in the Mount Bungsu Forest Reserves. The height of Mount Bungsu is 658 metres with its peak at Mukim Terap. The scenery from its peak is truly exhilarating with flora and fauna and the panoramic view surrounding it. This is where historical traces are found like the communist fort. For visitors who would like to try heavy activities like mountain climbing and cycling or dirt biking, Mount Bungsu would be a good training field and a challenge apt to their abilities. The meandering flow and rapid falls of the river is enough to attract visitors here all the time.
[edit] Pahau

Located in the forest reserves of Mount Bungsu, this is an educational forest that boasts of a myriad of replanted forest plant species and forest ecosystem surroundings. The main activities here include educational tours to the research centres and forest replanting, jungle trekking and Pahau camps located 23 kilometres from Kulim Town.
[edit] Ulu Paip Recreation

Located within the Forest Reserves of Mount Bungsu with rapid river and forest ecosystem surroundings. The main activities here include picnicking, dipping, swimming and camping. During the journey to this destination, visitors will also find fruit orchards and former mining ponds on both sides of the road. This destination is 20 kilometres from Kulim Town.
[edit] Tree Top Walk

Tree Top Walkis the latest attraction that awaits visitors. The iron bridge, which is better known as the Tree Top Walk above Sungai Sedim was constructed so high up that it almost touches the tree tops across Sungai Sedim. The view from the bridge is simply breathtaking.
[edit] Peak of Mount Bintang

Fast flowing rapids and waterfalls feast your eyes during the journey up this mountain. The main program here would be jungle trekking while appreciating the wonders of fauna and flora, exploring caves as well as mountain climbing to enjoy the panoramic view from the mountain top. Its height reaching 1,862 metres make it the highest mountain in its range. Geographically, the peak of Mount Bintang is the boundary marker for districts in two states.

This means that if visitors manage to reach its peak, they are in Baling and Kulim Districts of the State of Kedah and Ulu Perak and Selama Districts of Perak State at the same time.
[edit] Kulim Lake Garden(Tunku Putra Lake)

Located between the public transport terminal of Kulim Town and Sri Malaysia Hotel. Although this Lake Gardens have yet to be fully developed, it has nevertheless managed to attract many visitors. Visitors come here to either jog or take a walk on the pedestrian walk around the lake.
[edit] Kulim Golf and Country Resort

This is located at Kulim High Technology Park. There is a clubhouse facility along with a 27-hole golf course and other recreational facilities. The main activity here is golf, played for recreation as well as for sports tournaments.
[edit] Chinese Recreation Club (CRC)

This Club is located 2 kilometres from Kulim Town. Equipped with sports and recreational facilities as its main product, this complex was once the centre of sports event at national level, such as MSSM Badminton Tournament 2004 and SUKMA Kedah 2006. On ordinary days, the facilities here are for the use of club members only.
[edit] Padang Serai Sunday Town

Located near the Padang Serai bus and taxi station, it is 10 Kilometres away from Kulim Town. It is the largest open concept shopping centre in Kulim.
[edit] ‘Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar’ Restaurant

This restaurant that is stituated near Pekan Sungai Kob serves chicken rice and other mouth-watering dishes to suit your taste.
[edit] Kulim Pokok Manggis Restaurant

This restaurant is located near Kulim Town and is the most famous restaurant in Kulim. It serves all kinds of delectable dishes to suit your taste.
[edit] Kulim Nasi Kandar Pelita Restaurant

Located near Kulim Town, this famous restaurant in Kulim serves all kinds of mouth-watering dishes to suit your taste.
[edit] Sri Malaysia Hotel

Located 2 kilometres from Kulim Town. It is the pioneer in tourism accommodation facility in Kulim. This hotel also provides facilities for seminars, meetings and conferences. The specialty of this hotel is that it also provides special programmes / activities for children and networks with health specialist services such as SPAs and massage and beauty centres.
[edit] Kulim Inn Hotel

Located 3 kilometres from Kulim Town. Apart from accommodation, this hotel also provides facilities for courses, meetings and workshops and has its own cafeteria.

[edit] References

1. ^ Kulim’s Background, Laman Web Rasmi Majlis Perbandaran Kulim (Official Website of Kulim Government). January 16, 2010.
2. ^ Kulim to have LRT system and airport by 2020,The Star Online. Friday June 22, 2007
3. ^ Tesco plans five new stores this year, The Star Online. March 5, 2010.

[edit] External links
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* Kulim Hi-Tech Park - Driving Your Business Forward
* Kulim Facebook
* Kulim Forum
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* Kulim Town- 2

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